Lessons From The Bahamas

Alright, I’m sure you’re expecting to read about all the sentimental  life lessons that you can learn from the Bahamas, or anywhere tropical really. Let’s be honest. When you pick up and move to a different country – it’s going to be eye opening in more than one way.

Today I have chosen to give you the inside scoop-We’ll save the sentimental for a rainy day. 

Below, you will find a list of lessons that I have learned by living the normal day to day life here in the Bahamas; 

  1. Do Not Run From Dogs. Just don’t do it. They WILL chase you. A lesson in a lesson – do not jump over a bush or a wall to hide on somebody’s property – there could be another dog there waiting for you. My advice, be like my fiancé. While the dog(s) are running at you full force, stand in one spot and make smooching/calling noises at them. It makes you look big and scary?
  2. Do Not Tease Maray Eels. It’s probably not the best idea to dangle fish guts over the water with the intention of enticing an eel that’s playing hide and seek with you. Especially while your feet are hanging over the edge of a canal. It WILL jump at you.
  3. Do Not Swat The Wasps. They’ll swat back. In numbers. Or maybe get stuck in your hair and cause you to jiggle your body in ways you never thought possible. 
  4. Watch Your Step. Avoid stepping on centipedes at all costs. I’m not talking about little house centipedes that are an inch long and a centimetre or two wide.These things are monsters! Imagine a centipede on steroids with pinchers the size of your big toe. One bite from these guys and you’re hospital bound. {I’m not joking}. 
  5. Carry An Insecticide (or a fly swatter). Whether you are indoors, outdoors, on the beach, in a car, in your bed – wherever – you’ll need it sooner or later. Nobody knows when that giant killer roach will approach!
  6. Last but not least, Beware Of The Non-Locals On The Beach. They have not assimilated into the Bahamian culture. Save yourself the awkwardness of not being acknowledged. 95% {from experience} are actually alien robots and will not comprehend the word ‘hello’. Let’s just stick with the locals 😉 …

So, there you have it. A little insiders perspective on what it’s like learning to live in another country. As the saying goes, “you learn something new every day.” Embrace your lessons no matter how big or how small {or horrifying / exciting} – as long as you’re learning you are living!

Good day!



    5 thoughts on “Lessons From The Bahamas

    1. Definitely a great experience and sounds rewarding of course there’s struggle days any were you live that’s life but hey girl you living it 💜 God puts us in places were ment to be ☝💋

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