My Fiancé is a Fisherman

Ok, so, we left everything behind in Canada including one of life’s necessities – our income.

Call it crazy. We sold everything we owned {which wasn’t much if you look at the big picture} 2 weeks later we were on a plane and found an apartment in Freeport.

Luckily, my fiancé is reputable enough here that he was able to turn to one of his old jobs. A week into it – he decided it wasn’t enough. He wants to make a decent amount of cash and work for himself. That’s why he’s decided to sell drugs {totally joking}.

Now he is a fisherman. That’s right! Day in and day out he will be fishing with his odd hoopy line thing that I definitely don’t know the name of; and diving with his spear in hand and wet suit on searching for crawfish, lobster, crab, conch etc. Anyone who knows a fisherman knows that there are really good days and some pretty bad ones. That alone can be overwhelming and frightening when you’re thinking in terms of deadlines for rent, bills, food and so on. But why is that not what I’m afraid of?

Here’s some insight to my worries:

  • What if a shark accidentally mistakes him for a big meaty fish?
  • What if his leg gets caught and he’s not able to get above water for some air?
  • What if he has to sneeze and accidentally inhales water and drowns himself? {horrid thought, I know}
  • What if he gets stung by a sting ray like the crocodile hunter guy?

The list goes on and on and on like Lauryn Hill singing her song. The chances of these things happening though – probably slim to none.

Anyway, I guess the answer to my question is that I trust my fisherman.

There’s too much beauty around us to be stressing over material things {first island lesson – and a good one}. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t where we were meant to be at this very moment

I wouldn’t change a thing.




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